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Engineering Club


Engineering Kids Club

Come enjoy seeing what's inside a computer, a winter coat, and a ball bearing.  Build a robotic car, a music box and construct all kinds of Lego engineering creations!

For girls and boys ages 7+

●$35 for 6 classes

Class held every Wednesday & Thurs from 3:30-4:30pm.

At the Raptor Robotics Robot Room in Monticello, UT

starting Oct 11

Thanks for supporting our team.

Plans for each day


Engineering Merit Badge #1 -Select a manufactured item in your home (such as a toy or an appliance) and, under adult supervision and with the approval of your counselor, investigate how and why it works as it does. Find out what sort of engineering activities were needed to create it. Discuss with your counselor what you learned and how you got the information.



Students will build and program a LEGO car that uses gears or sensors to

travel quickly across a flat surface, but is also able to climb a steep hill.


Music Box    Ages: 7-11   

Students will build and program a LEGO music box to be controlled by the motion or proximity sensor. Students will program the music box to make a LEGO person dance to music, using the motor and music blocks. In doing so, they will explore the WeDo programming language. 


Snail Car    Ages: 7-11   

Students will build and program a LEGO car that uses gears to travel as slowly as possible. The students will compete in a snail race to see whose car is the slowest. The last to cross the finish line will be crowned the winner.


Sturdy Tower    Ages: 5-11   

Students will practice building sturdy structures by constructing a sturdy LEGO tower using LEGO beams. The tower must be able to support a stack of books.


Drop Test    Ages: 7-11   

Students will determine the best structure for a sturdy car. Students do not have to attach motors, but the car must roll with wheels and skid plates. Each student pair will test their designs by the drop test. This involves dropping their car from a height of 4in.


Strongest Shape    Ages: 5-11   

Students will investigate different shapes to determine which shape is the strongest. Students will construct a roof to be placed on a previously built house. The roof must reflect their shape choice for the strongest shape. To test their structure, they will push on the top of the roof to check its...



Pumpkin Passenger    Ages: 8-11   

This is a great introductory activity to mechanical engineering. Simple machine kits were used to create sturdy carts, which would transport a pumpkin (orange marble) and its passenger (lego figurine) down a ramp.



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